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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more about reaching her than it is about the technical features of your website.  The one thing we know for certain is that she is online, so it is imperative that you be online where she can find you.

You need a website that’s easy to locate, easy to read, and easy to navigate. At Choose Life Adoptions, our SEO team specializes in finding her and placing your site in front of her.  It is all about making things EASY for her to find and learn more. 

Through strategic Search Engine Optimization, we bring the “EASY” to your website

E: Engaging Experience

The team of designers at Choose Life Adoptions is committed to making your website stand out and resonate with her. Making her first-impression a positive one is the first objective.

An engaging site that attracts her and invites her in to learn more, increase the time she spends on your site.  This “time-on-site” is a metric that triggers Google rankings.  The focus of our work is to create that design and engaging experience that invites her in and keeps her there.

A: Authoritative Accuracy 

A professional website adds integrity to your adoption services. You must communicate professionalism, but you also must communicate that you care.  Your website needs to be current with the times and needs to communicate your heart and message clearly.

Search engines require website optimization for your adoption website to rank.  There are best practices that must be used or risk penalization in your rankings from Google and other search engines.

These best practices include clear page titles, white-hat backlinks, page speed, easy-to-find content, and mobile-friendliness. Our search marketing team leverages best practices that align with current trends and requirements to ensure you have the best ranking. 

We will perform a thorough audit of your entire site to make sure it’s accurate.  We will continue to monitor trends and requirements and communicate with you if changes are warranted.

S: Strong SEO Strategy

Your adoption service needs to adapt to online strategies that engage new clients as well as your previously adoptive parents.  Keeping them engaged is one of the best ways to keep your brand and message out in the community.

Social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are great for engaging your constituents as well as finding new traffic for your site. Posting blogs, videos, and podcasts not only build interest in your adoption services but also keep you relevant to your market. Let Choose Life Adoptions create social media content with our strategic, data-driven marketing tactics. Find out more here.

Y: Your Adoption Services

According to research, expecting mothers who receive adoption education are seven times more likely to place for adoption versus expecting mothers who do not receive adoption education.

Your website and online presence is the best way for you to introduce adoption education to her and increase the probabilities that she chooses adoption as the solution for the hope and future she has for her baby.

Local SEO, which is optimizing your adoption service for location-based searches, includes Google My Business (GMB). This type of listing is perfect for reaching out to potential birth mothers in your immediate area. Utilizing on-page SEO, landing pages, and online marketing strategies will ensure you reach her and have an opportunity to get your message and services in front of her. 

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Choose Life Adoptions is ready to bring the “EASY” to your website. Let our team of SEO experts create an easy-to-locate, easy-to-read, and easy-to-navigate website with the knowledge and strategies to raise your ranking to the top of the page.